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The Del Amitri Charity Auction

The Del Amitri Charity Auction runs May 1st to May 10th, 2019. It is being run on eBay. Joey’s Song is 100% volunteer with no paid staff, so every penny after expenses, goes to helping find a cure for epilepsy and fund support services for special needs children. So please dig as deep as you can to own some of these unique bits of Del Amitri history. Many of these items are truly “one-of-a-kind” and come from Justin’s personal archives. Now click the button below to be taken to the Joey’s Song eBay store (bookmark the URL) and good luck.


The Del Amitri Charity Raffle

To go along with many of the unique items available via auction, we are also making this great lot of unique Del Amitri items available in a raffle. One raffle, 13 unique items to the winner.

  1. Justin’s handwritten lyrics to unreleased, yet Del’s fan favorite Drowned On Dry Land
  2. Justin’s handwritten lyrics for Behind The Fool
  3. Justin’s handwritten chord sheet for As Soon As the Tide Comes In
  4. Justin’s working lyric sheet / notes for Life By Mistake
  5. Signed CD of The Great War
  6. Tour itinerary for the UK Great War tour
  7. Joey’s Song / Del Amitri package : Joey’s Song CD featuring unreleased Dels track, If Your Tears Don’t Make A Sound, lyric sheet poster of If Your Tears Don’t Make A Sound hand signed by Justin and a Joey’s Song shirt signed by Justin
  8. A CD cover proof sheet from Driving With The Brakes On
  9. A homemade Dels gig poster, made by Justin in the early Dels days
  10. Miscellaneous lot of Justin’s own festival passes
  11. Roll To Me promo “subway” poster, measures 40” X 60”
  12. Some Other Suckers Parade promo “subway” poster, measures 40” X 60”
  13. UK Tour poster from 2014 A to Z tour, measures 12” X 16”

See pictures of some of the items below